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Vision Alnarp

A unique, green hub for cutting-edge research, education and innovation. A campus for regional, national and global sustainable development collaboration.

SLU operates in 33 locations throughout Sweden. Alongside Umeå and Ultuna, Alnarp is one our three main campuses. Alnarp was a strategic site long before SLU was established. Today’s activities can be traced back almost 1,000 years, and we can see remnants of the former royal estate throughout the woodlands of Alnarp Park.

Teaching and research have taken place in Alnarp since the middle of the 19th century. In 1861, Alnarps Landtbruksinstitut – the Alnarp Agricultural Institute – was founded. Today, the most important research and education at SLU Alnarp is in forest science, landscape architecture, horticulture and plant production science.

We are now planning for the future and looking at how teaching, research, collaboration and communication can support SLU’s mission, as well as how we can improve Alnarp’s physical environment.


Alnarp is renowned for its status as a dynamic arena, in which the university and external parties can work together on future societal issues.


Published: 04 September 2023 - Page editor: anna.bleckert@slu.se