Expansion plans in the vicinity of Ultuna

Last changed: 17 December 2021

SLU at Ultuna has no near-term plans for any major changes in terms of buildings. However, Uppsala municipality has large expansion plans for what the municipality calls the Southern City, which will impact SLU and Ultuna significantly.

This webpage is intended to attempt to clarify existing plans and link to the municipality’s pages, where more information is available, while also bringing attention to the changes that are taking place at Ultuna.

In the vicinity of Ultuna

Southern City

The Southern City is Uppsala municipality’s plans for expansion of housing, workplaces and public transport through 2050. The comprehensive plan describes six areas of development with different mixes of housing, activities and services. These areas are the Rosendal area, Polacksbacken, Malma, Ulleråker, Bäcklösa/Lilla Sunnersta and Ultuna/Norra Sunnersta.

Click here for an in-depth comprehensive plan for the Southern City (in Swedish)

Click here for the planning programme for Ulleråker (in Swedish)

Click here for the planning programme for the Gottsunda area (in Swedish)

The Uppsala Package

The Uppsala Package includes new housing, new rail lines to Stockholm, a new train station in Bergsbrunna and a new tramway between Bergsbrunna and Gottsunda with tracks to Uppsala Travel Centre. This package is an agreement between the government, Uppsala municipality and Uppsala Region. Read more about the Uppsala Package here (in Swedish)

New land agreement enables the Uppsala Package

Uppsala municipality, SLU and Akademiska Hus have reached an agreement that enables a careful development of Ultuna and an area south of Nåntuna over the next 30 years. The agreement, in the form of a letter of intent, covers exchanges and purchases of land for SEK 167 million. Read more about the agreement here (in Swedish).