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Campus Plan Ultuna

Uppsala is undergoing an expansion where the city's population will grow by 70,000 inhabitants by 2050, with a need for new public transport, new roads and new housing. This will affect SLU's operations at Ultuna.

Illustration from the campus plan for Ultuna, sketch.

Timetable and the campus plan

A brief timetable for further work and the campus plan are presented here.

Contact project management

Feel free to contact project management.

Wiew over Ultuna, photo.

Brief description of the project

The campus plan for Ultuna will clarify opportunities for SLU to expand and to use land in the future. SLU’s operations are affected by the growth and expansion occurring in Uppsala.

Wiew over Ultuna, photo.

Land ownership in and around Ultuna

The primary landowners are SLU, Uppsala municipality and Akademiska Hus at and around Ultuna.

Wiew over Ultuna, photo.

Expansion plans in the vicinity of Ultuna

Read Uppsala municipality’s plan programme and comprehensive plans for the Southern City, Ulleråker and the Gottsunda area and the Uppsala Package.

Wiew over Ultuna, photo.
Published: 11 October 2022 - Page editor: marten.granert@slu.se