Council for Animals in Research and Education (Föd)

Last changed: 14 August 2017

The Council for Animals in Research and Education (Föd) is to function as SLU’s animal welfare body and therefore work actively to prioritise animal welfare within the organisation.

The Council for Animals in Research and Teaching must follow the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s regulations (SJVFS 2015:24 Article L 150). This includes providing advice to staff regarding animal welfare, as well as establishing and inspecting internal routine descriptions for the supervision, reporting and monitoring of the animals’ welfare and the comprehensive work with animal welfare at the organisation.

The Council for Animals in Research and Education works (amongst other things) with the tasks mentioned below. Don’t hesitate to contact the council if you have any questions or thoughts.

  • Checklists
  • Visits to the facilities
  • Ethical evaluations of research to be carried out abroad, in countries where no ethic evaluation can be provided
  • Examine standard operating procedures or other documents related to animals in research and education
  • Re-homing of animals. When animals that have been used in SLU research and/or education are to be re-homed, the SLU policy for re-homing of animals must be followed.
  • Minutes from Föd meetings can be found here (in Swedish only):

Members of Föd

Katarina Cvek     koordinator för försöksdjursfrågor, ordförande
Erik Petersson prof., NJ-fakulteten, vice ordförande
Jonas Malmsten post doc, S-fakulteten
Henrik Ericsson universitetsdjursjukhusdirektör, UDS
John Pringle prof., VH-fakulteten
Studentrepresentant Husdjursrådet
Lotta Jäderlund sekreterare, planeringsavdelningen
Petter Kjellander  prof., NJ-fak, suppleant för Erik Petersson
Sonya Juthberg fo. ing., S-fak. suppleant för Jonas Malmsten
Arne Persson   chefsveterinär, UDS, suppleant för Henrik Ericsson
Marianne Jensen-Waern    prof., VH-fak, suppleant för John Pringle