The use of animals in research and education at SLU

Last changed: 28 April 2022

These pages are aimed at anyone who works with animals in research and teaching at SLU. There is a solid regulatory framework that all concerned must be aware of.

Below you will find a summary of the rules governing research animals, as anyone who in any way works with animals in animal experiments or teaching should read and follow.

The information about research animals is written and updated by the coordinator of the experimental animal issues at SLU.

SLU policy on the use of animals in research and education

All staff involved in planning research on animals or who work with animals in education must read and follow the policy on the use of animals in research and education at SLU.

The Board for Animals in Research and Teaching (FDN) - SLU’s animal welfare body

The Board for Animals in Research and Teaching (FDN) - SLU’s animal welfare body is to function as SLU's animal welfare body and therefore work actively to prioritise animal welfare within the organisation. The Board for Animals in Research and Teaching must follow the Swedish Board of Agriculture's regulations (SJVFS 2015:24 Article L 150). This includes providing advice to staff regarding animal welfare, as well as establishing and inspecting internal routine descriptions for the supervision, reporting and monitoring of the animals' welfare and the comprehensive work with animal welfare at the organisation.

At this page you will find more information about FDN.

Members of FDN


Katarina Cvek     koordinator för försöksdjursfrågor, ordförande
Åsa Eriksson försökstekniker, VH-fakulteten
Oleksiy Ghuzva forskare, LTV-fakulteten
Petter Kjellander professor, NJ-fakulteten
Elin Weber forskare, VH-fakulteten
Jonas Malmsten försöksdjursföreståndare, S-fakulteten
Josef Dahlberg klinikveterinär, UDS
Studentrepresentant utses av SLUSS
Kristina Julin sekreterare, planeringsavdelningen
Lo Persson

forskare., S-fak. suppleant för Jonas Malmsten

Erik Petersson prof., NJ-fak, suppleant för Petter Kjellander
Jenny Hedenby klinikchef, UDS, suppleant för Josef Dahlberg
Maria Vilain Rörvang forskare, LTV-fak, suppleant för Oleksiy Ghuzva
Marcin Surminski stallförman, VH-fakulteten, suppleant för Åsa Eriksson
Julia Österberg samordnare, VH-fak, suppleant för Elin Weber

SLU Coordinator for matters concerning research animals

SLU must have a coordinator for matters concerning research animals. The coordinator is responsible for education in laboratory animal science for all those involved with animals that are used for educational or scientific purposes at SLU. The coordinator shall provide information and advice regarding questions about research animals, inspecting permits, coordinating supervision and collation of statistics.

Coordinator is PhD MSc Katarina Cvek at the department of Clinical Sciences. To contact the coordinator, please send an e-mail to

Skills training for work with research animals

All staff who use or participate in the use of live animals, or care for animals used for scientific purposes are to have completed training in laboratory animal science for researchers in accordance with legislation (SJVFS 2015:24 Article 150) before commencing work, and must have the requisite practical competence. Competency is to be inspected by the research animal veterinarian/expert or director appointed by the Swedish board of agriculture. This also applies for students who will independently conduct studies on live animals, e.g. as part of their degree project. Skills training should precede practical participation in activities involving animal testing, to ensure the practical competence has been achieved.

A proof of competency is required and should be available upon request. You can find a template for the certificate here.

Staff must be continually offered further training and given the opportunity to participate in this during work hours. The coordinator for laboratory animal welfare, legislation and education is responsible for the education of staff in laboratory animal science. In order to contact the coordinator please send an e-mail to

A course in Laboratory Animal Science is available for doctoral students at SLU.


Coordinator for matters concerning research animals
Katarina Cvek
Department of Clinical Sciences