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Last changed: 04 January 2023

SLU uses the IA system (Information om arbetsmiljö - Work environment information) to support systematic work environment management, that is reporting, following up and taking action to remedy any of work environment incidents.

The system is web-based and has been developed by AFA Försäkring together with the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation and the Council for Negotiation and Cooperation. The government sector has access to the system through the Central Government Social Partners’ Council, which also provides information om systematic work environment management. Report an incident.

About the IA system on the AFA Försäkring web

Reporting using the IA system

All staff and students can submit reports using a shared account set up for this purpose. You need an AD account with SLU to use the shared account. If you do not have an AD account, ask a colleague who does to submit the report on your behalf.

If you enter your email address when you submit the report, you will receive an email notification when the report has been registered, and another one when the case has been closed.

Managers, function managers and safety representatives also have their own IA accounts to allow them to process the reports submitted. These personal accounts can only be used to act on and follow up on reports. They cannot be used to submit reports. 

Managers are responsible for their staff’s work environment. Whenever a report concerning the work environment is submitted, the immediate manager of the person submitting the report will receive an email notification.

If the report concerns an environmentalmatter, the notification is sent to the environmental coordinator where the incident occurred.

For reports on security incidents, the notification is sent to the Security Unit.

These recipients can then appoint someone else to investigate or act on the report.

Managing reports

To manage a report that has been submitted, you need an IA account. Log in using the email notification you receive when a report has been submitted, or log in via Tools & systems on the staff web. When you have logged in, you can only manage reports - analyse them and follow up on them. You cannot submit a new report.

If the report was submitted through a reporting account, the person appointed to handle the case will add further information. Other users with access to the case can also add or edit information. Any personal data is only visible to the person appointed to handle the case and to the superuser.

  1. To manage a case, open the Occurrences tab. If you are not the person who should be handling the case, you can change this information.
  2. Add any details that are missing. 
  3. NB. If either of the fields Occurrence title or Course of events contain personal data, you must change this.  The content under these heading can be seen by others at SLU as well as by external users, e.g. for statistical purposes.
  4. You can add images, drawings and other documents by clicking the Attachments button. 
  5. Click Save. The status is changed to Under registrering (Registering ...).
  6. If you are the person responsible for a case, you also need to add the name of the person who will be investigating on the Investigation tab. 
  7. Select a name in the Investigator field. The names in the list are those eligible to investigate cases at the unit in question. 
  8. In the field Other investigator, you can enter the name of an additional investigator who is not an IA user, for example the supplier of the machine that caused an injury. However, you must inform this person manually, they will not be notified by the system.
  9. The system will automatically enter a date when the investigation is expected to be completed. You can change this date manually.
  10. Click Save. The status will change to Under utredning (Under investigation).

IA report and report to the Swedish Work Environment Authority and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

When the IA report is handled by the manager responsible for the incident, a report must also be made to the Swedish Work Environment Authority and/or the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, in certain circumstances. Where the report is made depends on how serious the incident is.

  • Serious occupational injuries must be reported promptly to the Swedish Work Environment Authority, which means that it should preferably take place on the same day.
    Serious occupational injuries must also be reported to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

  • Minor work accidents must be reported to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

  • Serious incidents must be reported to the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

For more detailed information on where to report, see Occupational Injury.

The IA app

The IA app is a simplified function to report in the IA system. The app can be downloaded for Android phone via Google Play and for iPhone via the App Store.

Log in with

Username: SLUapp
Password: SLUapp2019

Reporting with the app may be needed in cases when a computer is not close by. This may, for example, be employees who perform tasks outdoors, are on a business trip or for those who do not work in an office environment.

When reporting in the app, it is also possible to attach a picture. Through the dictaphone function, it is possible to talk in notes instead of writing them.

All managers also can also conduct safety rounds and risk analyzes via the IA app.

Safety round and risk assesment

In the IA system, all managers can conduct safety rounds and risk assesment, by a computer or by the IA app. There are ready-made templates with questions and the safety rounds that are set up include offices, following-up the systematic work environment management, remote work and cleaning.

The templates for risk assesment that are available include annual follow-up, pregnant and breastfeeding employees and systematic work environment management (SAM).

How to create a safety round as a manager

  • Access the IA system (IA admin) via the staff web and "Tools and Systems". Select "Risk management" and "New risk management". Fill in the aquired details and under " What", choose "Healh and safety inspection" or "Risk analysis". Scroll down to the bottom of the page and under "Templates", select the template you want. Scroll upp to the top of the page and under the tab "Genomförande" is a set of questions for the safety round.

  • Remember to press save, the green button on the right. If you press the help button in the system (the blue light-bulb), you will access manuals and videos that describe how to do a safety round or risk analysis in the system.

  • Also remember to carry out the safety round along side your local safety representative (skyddsombud).


IA is short for informationssystem om arbetsmiljö (work environment information).

The system has been developed to manage non-conformities in the work environment, but can also be used for issues related to quality, environment, property, security and to report improvement proposals.

It is web-based and can be used in different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Javascript must be activated, and you must allow popup windows from To ensure the smooth running of the system, you should also add the page as a trusted site in your browser.