ChemOffice Professional

Last changed: 16 February 2021

ChemOffice Professional is a program for manipulating molecular structures predominantly in chemistry.

ChemOffice Professional campus agreement


Link to publisher's home page.

General info

Software included in the agreement

  • ChemOffice Professional

Who can use the software

  • The agreement allows usage by both staff and students.

Media and installation om campus

Media for IT-managers is found on the SLU central software share. IT-Support also has a copy. 

Media and installation for students' own computers

1. Go to
2. Look up SLU (choose the letter S, then page forward and scroll down to Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. It is on the last page of the list.)
3. Click on the link to the Chemoffice-version you want.
4. Registrer by filling in the information requested. Use your SLU e-mail address in the field for e-mail.  
5. You will recieve an e-mail from In the e-mail you will find a link to activate your account and choose a password. 
6. Log in to using the account and password you created. (If you did not recieve an e-mail you can use the "password finder" to get a new one.  Fill in your SLU e-mail address and send.  
7. Download andinstall the program. Activate using the instructions on the page.  
8. (During installation it seem like it has stalled.  This can occur if the window for activation is concealed behind the installation window.  Just move the installation window to reveal it and continue the activation.)


It is important that you use your SLU e-mail, otherwise the software can not be licensed and avtivated. 


Björn Lindell
IT-department, SLU, 018-671546073-0869886

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