Skype for Business

Last changed: 01 July 2016

Skype for Business is a communication tool that gives access to video calls, chat, voice calls and also a way to share documents with other users.

Everyone at SLU who has an active account in the Idis system has also been given an account in Skype for business. This account is connected to your AD log on and Outlook which makes the log on to Skype easier, and makes it possible for you to directly see if your contacts are on line and available for a talk.

Open the manual

Unfortunately the manual is only in Swedish yet.

If you are using a Mac you should use Lync instead when you need a client for video calls. You can contact IT-stöd or your IT co-ordinator to get help installing Lync and starting to use it with your Mac.


If you are a customer at IT-stöd:
We have distributed Skype for Business automatically via the SLU network so the software should already be found in your computer. The easiest way to start it is by looking for it in the start menu in Windows.

If your department has an IT co-ordainator of your own:
You need to install Skype for Business manually. Contact your IT co-ordinator for support and instructions.


IT-stöd, SLU

Direct support: 018-67 6600