Skype for business

Last changed: 16 September 2020

Skype for business gives you as an employee/student at SLU access to video calls, instant messaging, voice calls and the ability to share documents with other users. Skype for business is integrated with Outlook which makes it easy to see when a contact is available.

Initially, chat and video calls within SLU will work for everyone with the necessary equipment (webcam, headset or microphone, headphone / speaker).

What is Skype for Business?

Skype for business is a communication tool that allows you and your colleagues / student friends at SLU to work together no matter where you are.

  • Skype for business provides voice / video calls, video conferencing, presence and instant messaging together in a single easy to use client.
  • You can easily share documents and presentations via Skype for business.
  • You can use Skype for business from your PC, tablet and smartphone with support for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Initially, support will be available for Windows.

Video conferencing

Skype for business offers a very good solution for remote meetings via video with HD quality. The goal is to be able to participate in video conferences to other video systems at SLU through your Skype for business client at the turn of the year 2015-2016.

In a transition period, both Jabber and Skype for business will be used at SLU. Development of and support for Jabber, however, will end when Skype for business is integrated with other video systems and the intention is to take Jabber completely out of service when the organization become accustomed to Skype for business.

Benefits with Skype for business

  • A system that continues to be maintained by the supplier.
  • Better screen sharing incl. the ability to gain control of another user's documents
  • Easy group calls without bridge.
  • Busy information from your Outlook Calendar.
  • Saved chat history in Outlook.

Getting started with Skype for business

A guide in English on how to use Skype for business.

Stay connected even when you're not at SLU

Skype for business allows you to stay connected even when you're not at SLU. You can can connect Skype for business to your phone or tablet through an app. SLU has not, however, support for the Skype for business app.

Microsoft has its own information page  where you can learn how to download the app and get started with Skype for business on your mobile or tablet.


  • If your department has an IT coordinator, that's where you turn to for support questions.
  • If your department is a customer of IT support, they will answer your questions about Skype for business by e-mail or telephone:



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