Last changed: 12 August 2021

Below you will find information regarding the insurances important for international employees.

Please also see Social Security Insurance and Registering by Försäkringskassan under Settling in Sweden for further information.

Health Insurance - Kammarkollegiet

Citizen from a Nordic country

If insured in a Nordic country and in need of care in Sweden, it will be enough to show an ID-card. These people will pay ordinary subsidized Patient fee.


If residing for less than one year EU/EES-citizens have the right to necessary care in Sweden on the same conditions as if they were insured in Sweden. This is also applicable if being a citizen of Switzerland.

To get care one needs to bring the European Health card, the so called EU-card (EHIC). This card shall be ordered from the authority in the country of origin that issues these cards. Accompanying family shall also apply for this card.

If residing for longer than one year If residing for longer than one year, the employee will in most cases enroll in the Swedish population registration. When enrolled one will receive care on the same conditions as other people resident in Sweden.

Non-EU citizens

If residing for less than one year For these employees, SLU can sign an insurance for Foreign visitors (GIF) via Kammarkollegiet. This insurance covers internationall staff without a sufficient Insurance cover. This is except for employees employed for less than one year also applicable for for example foreign visitors, course participants, Guest researchers, Guest lecturers or accompanying family of these.

The insurance includes:

  • Accident insurance cover
  • Insurance cover for illness, emergency dental care and home transport
  • Property insurance cover (not home insurance), liability, and legal protection

The insurance is valid throughout the Schengen-region and is approved by the Swedish Migration Board, by for example applications for Residence permits shorter than one year. Please find more information about the insurance at Kammarkollegiet website.

SLU can only apply this insurance and is not entitled to engage any other insurance company for an equal insurance. Please turn to the HR Division if you have questions regarding Insurances.

If residing for more than one year Employees who reside and have an employment for one year or longer shall apply for enrolling in the Swedish Population registration when they arrive to Sweden. Enrolling in the Swedish Population registration requires that one has a permanent home address in Sweden and the decision made by the Swedish Tax Authority emerges a Swedish Identity Personal number. When enrolled the employee will receive necessary care on the same conditions as other people residing in Sweden.

Please observe, that while waiting for the decision and receiving the Swedish Identity Personal number, the employee might need the help of the Department to order an insurance for foreign visitors in the meantime.

Occupational injury insurance - PSA

Occupational Injury Insurance can compensate if you are injured at work and if you due to that has had a loss of income, medical expenses etc. Please find more information about the insurance at Information and Services at SLU.

You can also find more information about the insurance at the website of AFA Insurance, or download the broschure about the Occupational injury insurance, PSA.

Occupational Pension Insurance - SPV

Please find more information about the Occupational Pension Insurance at SPV website,

You may also turn to SPV by phone or E-mail for further information about pensions, Telephone: 020-51 50 40, E-mail:

Occupational Group Life Insurance

Occupational Group Life Insurance (Tjänstegrupplivförsäkring), means that you as an employee are insured in the case of death, to survivors. Please read more at Information and Services at SLU, and at the SPV website (in Swedish only).

Home Insurance

In the country of origin The future employee is recommended to sign up for a Home Insurance before leaving the country of origin (or the country where the future employee is currently residing), to have an insurance cover for personal belongings.

In Sweden If the employee will stay for longer than one year, he or she and accompanying family can also sign up for a Home Insurance in Sweden.

The employer does not provide any home insurance, this kind of insurance is in the matter of the individual to sign up for.


HR-unit, Division of Human Resources, SLU