Wellness activities at SLU

Last changed: 27 October 2020

SLU aims to be a healthy workplace that makes it possible for staff to feel well and enjoy good health. In addition to being a way to ensure employees’ mental, social and physical wellbeing, wellness activities are part of our systematic work environment management. Wellness activities are preventive and health-promoting measures that help staff maintain a good work-life balance.

Wellness activities at SLU

One of the cornerstones of our staff policy is the sustainable use of competence, which includes a work-life balance that enables employees to enjoy a full working life. Wellness activities are one of the preventive and health-promoting measures that can help staff find this balance. The following applies to all SLU staff:

Working hours

To make it easier for staff to combine work and private life, SLU staff work shorter hours than what is prescribed in the agreements for state employees. Working hours according to the local SLU agreement is between 33.40 hours/week (for staff working nights) to 39.10 hours/week. Working hours as prescribed by the general agreement on pay and benefits for government employees are 39 hours and 45 minutes per week.

Several categories of staff can also make use of flexitime, which makes it easier to fit in exercise during the day – in the morning, during the lunch break or in the afternoon.

More information on working hours at SLU.

Physical activity prescription

Staff who are prescribed physical activity by the occupational health services can use one hour of working time weekly for this. The employee must agree with their line manager when to schedule this hour.

Activities organised by SLU

Staff can attend activities such as wellness lectures or lunch yoga during working hours, work permitting and provided they have agreed this in advance with their line manager.

Wellness allowance

The wellness allowance covers up to SEK 2,000/year for activities covered by the Swedish Tax Agency’s guidelines for tax-exempt wellness activities. More information about the wellness allowance, activities and discounts

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