Occupational health at SLU

Last changed: 13 January 2022

SLU uses occupational health to prevent work-related ill health, and to help employees return to work as early as possible after sick leave through work adaptation and rehabilitation. Through early efforts, SLU can create sustainable workplaces and a good working environment.

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Agreement on occupational health for all SLU locations

SLU locations:



Skara, Lysekil and Visby:

Avonova www.avonova.se

As of 1 January 2022, Previa is the provider of occupational health. Avonova continues as a supplier for Skara, Lysekil and Visby. Occupational health services include prevention and rehabilitation efforts at individual, group and organizational level.

The purpose of the procedures is to give the employer an idea of the staff’s working environment and working situation. SLU wants to get an overall picture of the situation, and also be able to quickly make sure that the relevant measures, both preventive activities and direct support, are taken in the workplaces.

For work-related issues, an employee may contact Previa or Avonova on their own to book an appointment to see a nurse, behaviourist or physiotherapist. It is important to note that occupational health does not equal medical treatment. Occupational health only handles work-related issues. Sometimes it is difficult to decide if a health problem is work-related. If you are unsure, the occupational health staff will make the assessment when you book your appointment or during your visit. The reason that occupational health only applies to work-related issues is because of current tax rules.

If an employee is in need of more visits, he or she must contact their manager/equivalent for approval. A manager/equivalent may, just as before and if necessary, use occupational health services. In such cases, the cost is charged to the department/equivalent.



  • The manager/equivalent or employee makes orders mainly at the customer page and the order form.


  • The manager/equivalent makes orders mainly by the webportal or by phone. Employees place orders by phone.


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