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Last changed: 30 November 2020

Preparatory work

In the preparatory work, the framework is set for the continued work, what is the purpose of the survey? Background variables, questions and population are decided and the organizational tree is built, so that employees and the respective manager are connected.


The survey is conducted during two weeks January to February. No individual answers pass anyone at SLU and the employees are guaranteed full anonymity.

Finishing work

The employee survey is a tool in the systematic work environment work, to ensure a good work environment. Taking care of the results is the most important part of an employee survey. The result is a tool to be able to improve and develop the business.


Managers have an important role in feedback on the result, in planning and producing action plans that are followed up over time, and in involving the employees in the work. To help them, the managers have a Results Portal where the results are presented in several reports. There is also an "Action Manager" which gives a clear picture of the results with measures, activities, action plans and schedules for the various activities. It will be possible to compare the 2021 results with the 2018 and 2016 results.


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