Last changed: 03 September 2021

Employees are guaranteed full anonymity. No individual answers go via anyone at SLU but directly to the supplier Quicksearch. Group results with “dissemination” are only reported for 8 respondents on all main questions. For a group of 5-7 answers, only the mean value / satisfaction rate per question is reported. No group will be reported if it has less than 5 answers (however, the answers are included in the total).

The survey is conducted with guaranteed anonymity for all individuals. The answers are stored in a database where those responsible at SLU do not have access to the respondents' e-mail account or IP number. All data is stored at Quicksearch, and all traffic to and from the servers is encrypted. All respondents communicate via one-time solutions that are also time-controlled. Passwords are personal and change regularly. All communication in the dialogue itself (the survey) takes place automatically and reminders are autogenerated by the systems.


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