Equal opportunities

Last changed: 14 January 2020

SLU shall be a well-functioning workplace and study environment for staff and students. Equal opportunities work shall be an integral part of the core business, research, teaching, collaboration and environmental monitoring and assessment.

Equal opportunities work at SLU shall result in equal opportunities and equal rights for staff and students in their work and studies respectively. Equal opportunities work shall contribute to achieving the objectives of the “SLU Strategy”. This is done by:

  • ensuring equal opportunities in terms of working conditions, salaries, participation and career opportunities;
  • providing employees and students with information about the content of the Discrimination Act and the university’s equal opportunities work and emphasising the zero-tolerance approach to discrimination, harassment and other abusive treatment;
  • creating recruitment processes that contribute to a more equal work and study environment;
  • utilising the talents, skills and resources of all;
  • striving for an even distribution of gender[1] at the workplace within different employment categories, including doctoral students, and striving for a more even distribution of gender at undergraduate level;
  • ensuring an even distribution of gender in decision-making bodies;
  • making it easier for staff and students to combine work/study and parenting;
  • providing good accessibility to activities, information and premises for staff and students.

Equal opportunities work shall be integrated in all activities at SLU. This means that such work is not primarily concerned with temporary measures and efforts but instead involves activities that are continuously and routinely performed within the various parts of the organisation.

From 1 July 2019, SLU has a new joint organization for work on equal opportunities and gender equality.

Read about the organization and the intended way of working.

[1] Even distribution of gender means at least 40% of each sex


Equal Opportunities and Gender Equality Coordination Group