How to act if you suspect discrimination

Last changed: 16 December 2016

What should I as a manager do when I find out about suspected cases of harassment?

All managers at SLU are obligated to make sure that any cases of harassment are investigated and acted upon.

If you are a manager/supervisor, contact your own superior or the Legal Affairs Unit to launch an investigation. The purpose of the investigation is to find out what has happened, what actions to take to end the harassment and if disciplinary actions are needed.

During this process, you will receive support from your HR specialist.

You must always offer the colleague who has been the victim of harassment suitable support, primarily through the occupational health services.

If you yourself have been subjected to discrimination, or you believe that someone else has, you can find more information on how to act on the 'My employment' pages.

The SLU guidelines on discrimination can be found on the pages for internal governing documents.  The guidelines are currently only available in Swedish, but an English version will be published shortly.

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