Occupational injury

Last changed: 15 September 2021

An occupational injury report must be submitted if an employee or student is injured at work or during their studies. The same applies for incidents where someone could have been hurt. Registration is made in the IA-system.

Report to the Swedish Work Environment Authority

Please note a head of department (or equivalent) is also responsible for informing the Swedish Work Environment Authority of serious accidents that result in death, grave personal injury or if several employees have been affected at the same time. For more information, see www.av.se.

Reimbursement for sickness

An occupational injury report is only tried by Försäkringskassan to the extent of deciding the right to reimbursement. Until their evaluation is completed, any sickness deductions are drawn in the same way as for regular sickness. Medical, hospital, dental costs, etc. are paid by the employer in accordance with the salary agreement.

Approved occupational injury

If an occupational injury is approved, Försäkringskassan may provide reimbursement. See www.forsakringskassan.se

Protection for surviving relatives

If the insured person passes away due to the occupational injury, the surviving relatives will receive annuity.

Save all receipts

In order to receive reimbursement for costs, you must show all treatment receipts, and they must include your name and personal identity number.


If you want more information on occupational injury insurance, please contact Försäkringskassan.

Personal injury reimbursement (Work Injury Insurance)

Work injury insurance can be viewed as a complement to legally regulated occupational injury insurance. It has been established through collective bargaining agreements between the central employer and employee organisations. The Compensation for Personal Injury Agreement (PSA) applies to government-employed staff.

Reimbursement according to the Compensation for Personal Injury Agreement is only given for injuries or costs that regular salary agreements or occupational injury legislation do not cover.

The Division of Human Resources forwards the notification of damage (“Ersättning vid personskador”) to AFA Work Injury Insurance.

If you want assistance with filling out the form or obtaining necessary documents, please contact Gunilla Eriksson on 018-67 10 58.

The insurance also applies in the event of an injury in connection with working from home. Decisive for whether an injury is to be assessed as an occupational injury is what connection the injury has with the work. 

It can be, for example:

  • if you trip over the data cable to your work computer
  • sit at the computer and responds to work-related emails
  • sit at the computer and talk to a colleague/customer on the phone

However, the insurance does not apply if you have injured yourself at home in general. For example, if you injure yourself while brewing coffee in the kitchen, it does not count as a work accident, even if it occurs during working hours. Read more about insurance in the event of an occupational injury at home on AFA's website.

The full agreement on personal injury reimbursement can be found in the central agreement 2006:1. See www.arbetsgivarverket.se. The folder "Om ersättning vid personskada" (About personal injury) can be ordered from Gunilla Eriksson, Division of Human Resources.

Definition of personal injury

An occupational injury is an injury suffered through an accident or another form of harmful action of work – occupational diseases. If you are injured going directly to or from work, it sometimes counts as an occupational injury. It can also be classified as an accident on the way to or from work.

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