Introduction of new staff members

Last changed: 06 September 2021

New staff members arrive with expectations of their new workplace, are highly motivated and curious. They may also feel insecure, ignorant and lonely. The aim of the introduction is that all new staff members receive a well-planned introduction that makes it easier for them to get up to speed on their job, feel comfortable at the workplace and take part of SLU’s operation.

SLU operates all over Sweden – therefore, we have split the introduction into three parts:

  1. Workplace introduction: carried out at the department.
  2. University Introduction, Step 1: carried out at the respective campus.
  3. University Introduction, Step 2: carried out in Uppsala.

Persons in charge

The head of department/equivalent is responsible for ensuring that the workplace introduction takes place and that follow-up discussions are carried out after the introduction.
For University Introduction, Step 1, the staff administrator at the campus together with the respective campus administration and the faculty office are responsible. The Division of Human Resources is responsible for organising University Introduction, Step 2.

Who needs an introduction?

New staff members are not the only ones in need of a planned introduction. Staff members who have been away from work for a longer period can also benefit from it. Promoted or reassigned staff members may also be candidates for a workplace introduction or University Introduction, Step 1.

Workplace introduction

The workplace introduction is designed individually since introduction needs may vary depending on the staff member’s background and period of employment. A mentor should be assigned to look after the new staff member in the beginning. The mentor should be someone who works closely with the new staff member and should be given time to perform the task. 

Workplace introductions are meant for all new staff members.

The workplace introduction should:

  • provide knowledge on formal and informal rules/procedures;
  • establish new tasks;
  • give the new staff member the chance to get to know their new colleagues;
  • be designed individually.

Below is a checklist with things that are important to bring up during the workplace introduction. Each workplace has its own prerequisites – therefore, the checklist should be considered as guidance when establishing a local checklist/introduction plan.

Checklist – Workplace introduction

Activities before the first day of work

  1. Appoint a mentor.
  2. Set up the workplace – e.g. office material, nameplate, pigeon hole, phone and computer.
  3. Inform the other staff members about the new staff member.
  4. The recruitment decision must be completed.

First few days of work

  1. Welcome them, introduce their colleagues and workplace.
  2. Present the workplace’s objectives, organisation and policy documents.
  3. Go over administrative procedures such as keys, alarms, mail handling, room booking, etc.
  4. Inform them of the terms of employment, working hours, holiday, etc.
  5. Give a tour of the premises.
  6. Introduce the tasks.
  7. Schedule meetings with those who are important to the new staff member’s work.
  8. Inform them of internal information channels.
  9. Schedule continuous follow-up meetings regarding the new staff member’s introduction, their mentor and responsible manager.
  10. Meet the health and safety representative.
  11. Go over any secrecy regulations.
  12. Inform them of fire alarm and evacuation procedures.
  13. Schedule University Introduction, Step 1 and 2.

University Introduction, Step 1

The step 1 introduction runs for half a day and its purpose is to give insight into the campus operations as well as to give information on various staff-related issues. ‘Campus’ entails the three main campuses, Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala. This introduction is for those employed for at least six months.
The proposal below should be considered as guidance. Each campus should design their own programme.

Proposed content of University Introduction, Step 1

Campus operations

  • Short presentation of the faculty/faculties, departments, history, etc.
  • The campus’ connection to certain research/research fields.
  • Presentation of key persons at the campus.
  • Campus administration.
  • Staff-related issues.
  • IT staff
  • Staff web
  • Presentation of the union organisations.
  • End the day with a tour of the campus.

University Introduction, Step 2

The aim of University Introduction, Step 2, is to inform the new staff member of SLU’s organisation, areas of responsibility, objectives and policy documents, so that they can get an overview of SLU’s operations. During step 2, the new staff member gets the opportunity to meet representatives from SLU’s management and university administration. This introduction is meant for new staff members with an indefinite-term employment or those employed for a year or more.

University Introduction, Step 2 – meet the management and administration

  • The vice-chancellor presents SLU’s areas of responsibility and objectives.
  • The head of university administration presents the university administration.
  • The Division of Educational Affairs talks about educational issues.
  • The head of human resources presents staff-related issues for the whole university.
  • Operational insight, e.g. study visits.

Head of Department and Department Administrator will be informed about when the introduction day will be held by the personnel department. The information should be passed on to the new employees.