Sustainability accounting report

Last changed: 15 April 2019

SLU Environment annually compiles a sustainability accounting report.

Below are excerpts from the report and a list of SLU's environmental improvements for the past year, as well as some of the challenges for the coming year.

Environmental improvements at SLU in 2017

  • It was decided that SLU's vision to be a climate neutral university would be implemented by 2027.
  • At the end of 2017, nine of SLU's eleven environmental certificates had been transferred to the ISO 14001:2015 standard. Two certificates remain during spring 2018.
  • The climate fund has generated seven projects.
  • Electric bikes have been purchased for work-related travel. All SLU employees can borrow the bikes. They can be found in Ulls hus and Alnarp, respectively.
  • Campus Ultuna has continued to be certified as a bike-friendly workplace.
  • Umeå now has a chemical sluice.
  • KLARA now has bar-code registration.
  • Technology was boosted in Alnarp, which facilitates both distance teaching and meetings.
  • The small plastic bags for food waste that were in all the offices at Ulls hus were removed.
  • SLU has joined Uppsala municipality's project "Klimateffektiv plastupphandling" (climate-efficient plastics procurement).
  • The Swedish Livestock Research Centre has been very successful and improved their environment by establishing objectives concerning waste, emissions and its use of resources.
  • The vice-chancellor decided on stricter travel guidelines in June.
  • The Division of IT has greatly invested in increasing all employees' readiness to manage modern communication solutions, e.g. video meetings.
  • An investigation and action plan regarding polluted areas in Ultuna.
  • Over 60 non-conformities and almost 50 improvement proposals from the certifying body were taken care of.
  • The old Biotron in Alnarp has been phased out, which means energy was saved.

Next steps in 2018

There are great sustainability challenges at SLU in the future. Below are a number of items which the university are highlighting this year:

  • Climate-neutral university – During 2018, we will work intensely on the six focus areas connected to the vision of becoming a climate-neutral university by 2027. Among other things, we will develop guidelines for business vehicles in order to reach the objective that SLU's vehicles, machines and tools must run on fossil-free fuel.
  • Implement the action plan for business travel – In 2016, a new objective and action plan were established for business travel. The work with implementing this plan will continue extensively during the next few years. During 2018, a financial incentive model will be developed to transfer business travel from planes to trains.
  • The new ISO 14001:2015 standard – During 2018, the final SLU certificates will be transferred to the new standard.
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