Radiation protection

Last changed: 16 April 2019

In 2007 SLU received a comprehensive permit to work with ionizing radiation. The licensing authority is the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten, SSM).

The permit is divided into work with:

  • open sources of radiation
  • closed sources of radiation
  • X-ray equipment

SLU’s permit does not include field trials and work with open sources of radiation in toxicity class A. SLU may hold up to 200 GBq of other open sources of radiation.

SLU also has an agreement with an external radiation protection expert (see information via the link) who provides advice and support in matters regarding radiation protection.

SLU Security is responsible for the internal register of SLU’s work with ionizing radiation and conducts the annual inventory. NOTE! New operations should be reported to University Security. Use the email address stralsakerhetsextert@slu.se.

When working with ionizing radiation, the work should be divided into category A or category B.

In an attachment to the permit, there is a registry excerpt that lists all closed sources of radiation exceeding 500 MBq as well as all X-ray equipment. This registry excerpt is kept up to date by the SSM, through SLU reporting all changes of possession of closed sources of radiation and X-ray equipment.

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