Unique illustrations

Last changed: 14 December 2018

The SLU illustrations show the different disciplines of the university, and were created by Fredrik Saarkoppel for SLU profiling and marketing purposes. There are also silhouettes of our campuses.

The material can be used in both printed and digital media and is accessible for SLU employees via the media bank.

The illustrations are vectors and exist in two versions, cutouts and icons. They can be used in the different SLU colours, and the two versions can be used individually or together, as layers on layers.

You may alter the illustrations in this manner:

  • Changing their colour to black, white or one of the SLU colours
  • Combining them
  • Resizing them proportional
     illustrationer färgexempel

Layered cutouts, the SLU colours and an icon.


A mixed silhouette of the different SLU campuses.


Fredrik Saarkoppel, Kobolt Media AB

Fredrik Saarkoppel, Kobolt Media AB, the creator of the SLU illustrations.
Photo: Viktor Wrange, SLU

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