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Last changed: 03 July 2020

The logo is the ultimate medium of our visual identity and is a central element of our brand. It should always be used when SLU is the sender.

SLU's logoype consists of a symbol that is green (as in nature) and red (as the blood of our veins) together with the letters "SLU" in green. This is a symbol that reflects the values characterising our activities: living things.

Highlight SLU

SLU’s logo should always have a highly visible position on all our products. When it involves printed material such as magazines, SLU’s logo should always be used on the front page.

Remember that you must not alter or distort the logo. This means, for instance, that you must not change its proportions or trim it. The logo may not be included in other symbols, logotypes, badges, etc.

Free space around the logotype

The logo should have free space around it. Within the free space you may not place other objects, for example images or texts.

The free space around SLU's logo is half the logo's height or width (x) in all directions.

Download SLU’s logo

Please use the SLU-logo in colour, always against a white background, where possible. Where this is not possible, a black or white version may be used. Choose the black or white version that gives the greatest contrast and stands out against the background.

SLU logotype in colour on white block

If the background is colourfull the logotype can be placed on a white block. Place the block at the top along the left, edge to edge as shown in the picture above.  Download files here: 


If SLU needs to be explained 

Sometimes SLU needs to be explained with its full legal name and to be written in full. In this case you can use this version of the logo which is written in both Swedish and in English and can be used regardless of the language used in the following content. This signals that we are a bilingual university. This logo should always be placed in the top left-hand corner.

Download SLU's logotype with its name written in full here: 

Sometimes it's more important to explain what kind of university SLU is and wants to be. Then you can be helped by SLU:s Brand promise.

In collaboration with others

If SLU is one of several equal partners, the logotypes should be placed next to one another and equalised in size and distance. Sometimes one of the versions below can be useful in order to be exposed eqully to the other partners with names written in full, specially in international ocations.

Download SLU's logotype for collaborations:


Your specific sender at SLU

Sometimes it may be important to highlight a specific sender at SLU. It may be a faculty, cluster, department, field, collaborative centre, unit or division. The name of the specific sender is written in bold on one or two lines, at the most, below the line of the graphic element. The name of the specific sender is written either in Swedish or in English, depending on the identity of the recipient.

Please download logos with specific sender from the Swedish webpage. The logopackage contains english versions of the logo as well.

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