Ordering fonts

Last changed: 30 May 2018

Use the form below for ordering the SLU fonts Bembo and Akzidenz.

When your order has been received and approved, you will be registered as a licence user. Provided you have a support agreement with IT, they will then contact youto install the fonts on your computer. If you do not have a support agreement with IT, your local IT support can contact the main IT support to get access to fonts and carry out the installation.

How do I find my computer name?

SLU's computers have a tag on them with the computer name. The name will be in the format "SLU012345".

You can also find the computors name among the computers Properties. In Windows 10 for example right click on the windowsbotton and go to Properties. On Mac you will find the computors name in System Settings under Sharing.

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