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Last changed: 18 September 2019

When you use the SLU template for Powerpoint presentations you contribute to making the SLU brand better known. Of you have a standard-configuration PC, the templates are already installed. If you have an Apple computer or a PC with a non-standard configuration, you must download the SLU templates yourself.

Use the SLU templates

Choose between widescreen 16:9 and standard 4:3 depending on where you will be giving your presentation and what equipment you will be using. 

SLU standard-configuration  PC

If you have a SLU standard-configuration PC, the templates are available in Powerpoint under Custom/Personal. Open the folder "Personal" and there you will find the new templates and a user guide.

You may find unvalid templates under Custom along with the folder "Personal". That is because the program saves the last used templates there. So always make shure that you open "Personal" to get the new templates!

Apple computers and non-standards PCs

If you have an Apple or a non-standard PC, you can download the templates below. 

Guide and templates for widescreen and 4:3

This is the slide "Title and chapter" in SLU's Powerpoint template.
This is the slide Table of content in SLU's Powerpoint template.
This is the slide "Text, shape and big image" in SLU's Powerpoint template.
This is the template page "Final slide" in SLU's Powerpoint template.
This is the Start slide in SLU's Powerpoint template shown in the Assembly Hall in SLU Uppsala.

Technical advice in Powerpoint

The help function in Powerpoint also contains technical advice for creating presentations in Powerpoint. Click the question mark (?) in the right upper corner, or press F1, to launch the Powerpoint help. 


SLU presentation ready to use

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