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Films about SLU

Here you will find ready-made films that you can use when you want to tell about SLU in defferent contexts, both internally and externally, for both employees, students or someone who knows nothing at all about us.

All films are available in both Swedish and English, and with accessibilty adapted text. Feel free to use the films when you present SLU in different contexts. For example, by linking a movie to your Power Point presentation.

This is SLU

SLU has the knowledge and tools to bring about genuine change. We contribute to something greater and life-changing. Through education, research and environmental assessment we are creating the right conditions for a sustainable, thriving and better world.

A film that highlights what makes SLU unique and tells about the most important parts of SLU that employees, students and researchers are proud of and want to tell about both internally and externally.

The film can be used for both information and marketing purposes, in the contexts you want to present SLU.

Use the film when you want to tell about SLU externally.
Length: 2:44
Get the Swedish version here.
Here are subtitled videos to link to your presentation.

This is SLU

SLU is you - a film about our brand

We are all part of SLU, and we can together strengthen the trust and increase the impact on our university. The film SLU is you is produced as part of the work with SLU´s brand manual within the framework of the brand project The image of SLU. The purpose of the film is to build internal pride and to provide inspiration. It can, for example, be used when introducing new employees or to tell about the SLU brand in other context.

Use the film: show to new employees, for inspiration, to tell about SLU´s brand.
Length: 2:16
Swedish version here.

The film about SLU

We asked the question to SLU empolyees and students: How do you contribute to a better world? They filmed their stories with their mobile phones. These are a few glimpses of all the films we received, an insight into the work we at SLU do to contrbute to a sustainable, living and better world with challenging science.

Use the film: for new employees, to tell others about SLU, for inspiration.
Length: 3:58
Also available with English subtitles.
Here are subtitled videos to link to your presentation.

Thematic films

Today there are six films. The main film is slightly longer, covering a mixture of subjects. In addition, there are five thematic films based on the material we have received: Environment & water, Animals, Food, Forests and Students.

Use the film in presentations

You are welcome to use any of the films when presenting SLU in different occassions. For example by linking the film in your power point presentation.

Please note that we have added subtitles. You can activate them manually in the right bottom corner of the film.

Published: 14 October 2021 - Page editor: varumarke@slu.se