Module 2

Last changed: 13 December 2019

An easy-to-transport display kit – the Expand GrandFabric wall, with the Expand PodiumCase counter (with shelves on the inside).

The Expand PodiumCase doubles up as a transport box holding roll-up, spotlight and brochure holder – pack it all up and you are ready to go. The box will fit in the boot of an estate car.


  • GrandFabric, 232 x 240 cm one-sided
  • Spotlights for GF, LED
  • PodiumCase complete with white top
  • Brochure holder 50 cm

Weight incl. all material:

Dimensions with all materials packed in the PodiumCase:
Height: 98 cm
Depth: 45 cm
Width: 73 cm

The wall is easy to set up - just click the frame parts together, pull your fabric graphic over it and add the feet. 

View a short film clip (58 secs) on how to set up the Expand PodiumCase.

The Expand PodiumCase can be used open as a counter or closed as a podium.

Height: 98 cm
Depth: 60 cm
Width: 124 cm
Height: 98 cm
Depth: 45 cm
Width: 73 cm

Book to collect in Alnarp
Book to collect in Umeå
Book to collect in Uppsala

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