Logo clothing

Last changed: 25 November 2020

SLU’s promotional and work clothes must always bear the university’s logo and be printed in accordance with our visual identity. Sustainable clothes and printing contributes to strengthening our brand.

Logo clothing

The logo must be visible in at least one place on the clothing item. The logo can be placed anywhere. Always keep SLU's visual identity in mind when selecting colours and using the SLU logo.

Print or embroidery

The SLU logo is printed or embroidered on the garment. There are three logo sizes:

Small logo: 20x20 mm
Medium logo: 55x55 mm
Large logo: 150x150 mm


Marking with separate tag, weaved with an
embroidered logo which is either sown into the clothes or applied using heat transfer.


Additional prints

In addition to the SLU logo, a garment can also be marked with additional prints or embroidery in the following way:

Logo and organisation affiliation

When the SLU logo is complemented with the name of an organisation, e.g. the name of a unit, select the name most relevant for the target group. Contact the Division of Communication at SLU for vectorised printing material.


Logo separate from personalised print

If you want a larger print in order for it to be seen more clearly, the SLU logo should be placed separately on the garment. For example: "Technician" in large print on the back of a jacket and the smaller SLU logo on the breast pocket. If your operation has its own logo, it should always be separated from the SLU logo. The personalised print may never be red or green, like the SLU logo.

Personal names do not count as part of an organisation. Therefore, they are separate from the SLU logo. You can also use a name badge.

Regardless of the option chosen, the SLU logo must always be printed on the garment.


Guidelines in accordance with SLU's visual identity

SLU's visual identity applies to both profile and workwear. Always keep this in mind when selecting colours and when handling the SLU logo.

You may only use the coloured version of the logo (red-green) if the background is white. If the product is white, use the coloured logo. If the product is in another colour, use the black, grey or white logo.

There is some space around the SLU logo. Other objects such as images or text cannot be placed in this space.

Read more about the SLU logo on clothes (in Swedish only).




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