Official e-mail signatures

Last changed: 22 July 2020

When you use your SLU e-mail account you should always sign your messages with SLU’s official e-mail signature. Together, we send thousands of e-mails each day, and it is important that the sender follows a standard and seems trustworthy. It should also be easy for the recipient to find your contact information and to see that you are part of the university.

Below you can see the offical e-mail signature for you as employee or student at SLU.

How to create your e-mail signature

The easiest way to create your signature in your e-mail application, is to copy one of the examples below, then paste it into your mail programme (Outlook or other). If you can't find the settings, search your e-mail programme for Signature. Make sure to change to your own contact information.

Staff, doctoral students and guest researchers

Forename Surname
Academic Title

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

PO Box 1234, SE-123 45 CITY
Visiting address: Examplestreet 1
Phone: +46 123-45 67 89, Mobile: +46 70-123 45 67,


Forename Surname
Student at Program/Course/etc

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Mobile: 070-123 45 67,

Standard font

When writing an e-mail, use this font (set as default font for your e-mail):

Font: Arial regular
Size: 9 points
Color: black



SLU IT-Servicedesk


Tel: 018-67 66 00

(+46-18-67 66 00 when calling from outside Sweden)

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