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Last changed: 30 March 2020

A poster is an excellent way of presenting complex ideas in an easy-to-understand way and to give a quick overview of data, like an "ad" for your work. Make it inviting to read with a clear message. Do not overestimate your readers' interest – the average reader spends only one minute reading a poster!

The poster can be landscape or portrait format. It has a header with a profile image collage and a wedge, or a colour panel and a wedge, with clear dividing lines. The area for text, images and charts can be divided into three columns or merged depending on the material.

Portrait 70x100 cm and landscape 100x70 cm, with an image in the header.
Portrait 70x100 cm and landscape 100x70 cm, with a colour panel in the header.

Portrait or landscape?

What format to choose depends on where the poster will be displayed. Make sure you check the required size before you start designing your poster, and set the correct measurements in the software you use. If you have a choice, a landscape poster is often preferable as you can then present more text at eye level, making it easier to read. 

Tips and hints for creating posters

Tips and hints for layout, headings, images and colours when creating scientific posters (Word)

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