Roll-ups (Indesign)

Last changed: 25 November 2020

There are templates for roll-ups in Indesign that are designed to match the exhibition and event material available for borrowing.

The Indesign templates are in Swedish and are mainly intended for advanced users familiar with the programme - switch to the Swedish version of this page for more information.

For non-Indesign users, printing services (Repro) can help you to produce a customised roll-up.

The template is designed to go together with the exhibition material available for borrowing.
1A, own image and 1B, own image, large image and heading.
2A, white background with wedge and 2B, colour background with wedge.
3A, white background with illustration and 3B, colour cut-out with illustration.


  • Decide what function the roll-up will have - as a teaser, to provide information or something else? 
  • Write a short and concise message. 
  • Place the most important information at the top, as the area further down will often be concealed. 
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