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Book a room or videoconference

Here you'll find links and information about the different possibilities to book rooms at SLU. You can book lecture rooms, meeting rooms, video conferencing and premises for courses.

Video conference and E-meetings

  • Cost-effective, we will charge only room rent.
  • Time-Efficient, prevent unnecessary travel time.
  • Eco-aware, less travel means fewer emissions.

Book a lecture room

Lecture rooms can be booked via SLU's booking services on our main locations. Here you'll find lists of all bookable rooms.


Course bookings

Course booking requests must be submitted to SLU's room booking service in good time. Rooms in the central booking system, KronoX, can then be checked using a timetable search.


Book a resource in Kronox

Two departments and the library can book some of their resources themselves, just as students can book a group room, in Kronox. On this page we show you how to do it.


Book a room via Outlook

Many common meeting rooms can be booked via Outlook. Use this opportunity! Your meeting participants can easily see where the meeting are held. If you need to change the room, all participants will have their calendar updated.

Published: 11 October 2017 -