Information and services for employees at SLU
Information and services for employees at SLU

Environmental work at MVM

The MVM center performs an active environmental work and has an environmental management system certified by ISO 14001.

The two main purposes with the management system are:

  • To ensure that environmental laws and rules are followed
  • To constantly improve MVM’s environmental performance

Environmental policy for SLU

  • SLU contributes to an ecologically, socially and financially sustainable development.
  • Environmental thinking and environmental aspects are integrated in all decision-making and are part of all activities within SLU’s organisational units.
  • The environmental work at SLU is a long-term process which builds on continuous improvement and is based on the environmental regulations in force. 

Environmental objectives for the MVM Center

MVM has three environmental objectives, for business travel, education and environmental monitoring and assessment.

Business travel: Reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from domestic flights with 10 % per full-time employee compared with 2013 levels, at the latest by the end of 2016.

Education (undergraduate): Teachers responsible for courses and master programs (programme director of studies) should have the possibility to participate in education for sustainable development. At the end of 2016, all programme director of studies should have participated in a one-day long education in education for sustainable development, and at the end of 2017, 75% of the course leaders should have participated in a workshop about education for sustainable development.

Environmental monitoring and assessment: Programs and projects within Environmental monitoring and assessment should facilitate the use of their data outside the university, by providing information about the available data. On 2015-12-31, all programs and projects (that produce data) should have started the process of making information about data available, and by 2017-12-31 the information (meta-data) should be available at the SLU web.

For more information, see the document MVM Miljömål Opens in new window (in Swedish).

SLU also have environmental goals that are common for the entire university, click here to read more Opens in new window.

Environmental guide

MVM center has an Environmental guide (so far only avaliabe in Swedish)

Suggestions for improvements

Welcome to leave suggestions for improvement to the environmental coordinators:

  • at the website
  • direkt to the coordinator
  • the mailbox (if you want to remain anonymous)



Energy and Technology:

Annika Nordin

Soil and Environment:
Torbjörn Nilsson

Aquatic Sciences and Assessment:
Caroline Orback, Simon Hallstan


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