Recruitment process

Last changed: 18 March 2021

The process and time line for the recruitment of SLU’s new deputy vice-chancellor are described here.

The process

  • It is possible both to apply for and to be nominated to the assignment.
  • All SLU employees may nominate a candidate.
  • The nominee has to have accepted the nomination.
  • A recruitment consultant is called in to assist in the handling and assessment of the applications/nominations, and to seek suitable candidates.
  • The recruitment group’s members can also suggest candidates via the consultant.

Because of the ongoing corona pandemic, the meetings are planned to be held digitally. But the chair person may decide to hold physical meetings if the situation allows, and if it can be done in accordance with the vice-chancellor’s general decision on meetings within SLU.

Time line

18 March: The Board decides on the recruitment profile and process.

12 April: Last day for application or nomination.

22 April: The consultative assembly is formed.

11-12 May: The recruitment group interviews the candidates.

31 May: The consultative assembly meets the candidates in a hearing, followed by an election.

17 June: The Board decides on who will be appointed deputy vice-chancellor.

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