Process during 2022-2023

Last changed: 12 September 2023

During 2022-2023, an internal situation analysis will be carried out.

Step 1: Each department conducts a situation analysis in relation to quality areas and standards. Each department decides on the method for the situation analysis. A ‘dialogue tool’ is available as support for the discussions involving staff at the department.

Step 2: The situation analysis and proposed development measures are documented in a quality report, which is submitted to .

Step 3: The quality report constitutes the basis for a quality dialogue between the department and the faculty management.

Step 4: Based on the dialogues with the departments, the faculty compiles a quality report that forms the basis for subsequent quality dialogue between the faculty management and the vice-chancellor.

Step 5: The vice-chancellor compiles a university-wide quality report which is presented to the board.

Development measures will be monitored over the next three years.

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Detailed descriptions of the quality assurance system are available in the governing documents.

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