Time frames and instructions 2020

Last changed: 14 September 2020

The following documents are to be used in the quality assurance 2020:

Manual for quality assurance of education at SLU 2020

Report template 2020 

Questionnaire 2020, undergraduate and Master's level

Questionnaire 2020, doctoral  education

Compilation of statistics 2020, undergraduate and Master's level (in Swedish)

Compilation of statistics 2020, doctoral education


  Supporting documents:
12 June  Reports and questionnaires from the faculty boards (FN) and programme boards (PN) to be submitted (deadline)
15 June Reports from FN and PN sent to Sluss for comments


SLUSS submits their comments at the latest one week before respective dialogue.


  Quality dialogues; all will be Zoom-meetings due to the ongoing pandemic:
21 Sept. PN-NJ: Agricultural Economics and Management, at 9-11 h; Environmental Economics and Management, at 13-15 h
28 Sept. PN-VH: Equine Science – Bachelor's programme, at 13-15 h.
1 Oct. FUN/FN-NJ, at 9-11 h. 
1 Oct. FUN/FN-VH, at 13-15 h.
7 Oct. FUN/FN-LTV, at 9-11 h.
9 Oct. PN-LT: Agroecology, at 9-11 h; Horticultural Science, at 13-15 h.  
12 nov. FUN/FN-S, at 10-12. 
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