Division of Facility Management (Infra)

Last changed: 19 February 2019

Infra's task is to make available a cost-effective, flexible and efficient infrastructure. The division is also responsible for coordinating the infrastructure operations throughout SLU. Infrastructure covers the provision of offices and lecture halls, art, safety services, environmental management, IT and basic services, such as cleaning, mail, printing, transportation, conferences and visitors' services.

Infra is organised in this units:

  • Administrative Services Office
  • Economics and rental Management
  • Environment
  • Services
  • Security
  • Space Management

Specific information about our products and services can be found under Tools or Support and services in the menu bar. Through these pages you can also place orders or get in touch with our experts in different areas.


Division of Facility Management (Infra)
Per-Olov Skatt

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