Council of Researchers

Last changed: 10 December 2020

The Council of Researchers (Swedish acronym For) is an advisory body whose function is to identify and discuss strategic research issues of importance for the university as a whole. For acts as a think tank and sounding board for the vice-chancellor. It also supports the university management in the preparation of decisions concerning research policy and selection of candidates/proposals to funding organisations.

Members (1 april 2019 – 31 mars 2022): 

Maria Knutson Wedel, Vice-Chancellor
Adam Felton, Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre 
Anna Gårdmark, Aquatic Resources
Anna Jansson, Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry
Marie Charlotte Nilsson Hegethorn, Forest Ecology and Management
Geert Cornelis, Soil and Environment
Giulia Vico, Crop Production Ecology
Jean-Francois Valarcher, Clinical Sciences
Johan Dicksved, Animal Nutrition and Management
Patrick Svensson, Urban and Rural Development
Thomas Randrup, Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management
Vera Vicenzotti, Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

Secretary: Niklas Nordquist, Division of Planning