Mission, vision, values and objectives

Last changed: 07 February 2017 - slu.se

Mission statement

SLU develops the understanding and sustainable use and management of biological natural resources.

This is achieved by research, education and environmental monitoring and assessment, in collaboration with the surrounding community.


SLU is a world-class university in the fields of life and environmental sciences.

Values for SLU

SLU values express the organisation's common fundamental values. These provide guidance in everyday life, by describing what the starting point for you actiivity is, for contacts with the outside world, and how we behave towards each other and others. All SLU employees are included in these values.The fundamental values are:

  • scientific approach
  • creativity
  • openness
  • responsibility.

In addition to these four fundamental values, there are six fundamental principles:

  • democracy
  • legality
  • objectivity, factuality and equal treatment
  • free formation of opinions
  • respect
  • efficiency and service. 

Read more about the SLU values (pdf).

Strategic objectives

SLU has the following common objectives:

  • Operations are of the highest international class, characterised by strong links between education and research.
  • Research, education and environmental monitoring are pursued in collaboration with selected higher education institutions and sectors, and the wider society.
  • Research findings are known and used in society.
  • There is a strong international dimension, for example by strategic collaboration with universities and research institutes abroad.
  • We contribute to strengthening Sweden’s position as a knowledge nation and contribute to the development of the sustainable use and management of natural resources.
  • Our students and employees have a work environment and working conditions that are among the most attractive.
  • The organisation functions well, has distinct leadership and uses resources efficiently.
  • Gender equality and diversity perspectives have a strong position throughout operations.
  • Employees and students are our best ambassadors. 

Objectives for research

SLU has the following objectives for research:

  • We focus on areas of strategic importance to the SLU concept of operations and educational mission.
  • We pursue research of the highest quality and international excellence in these strategic areas.
  • We provide environments that promote and stimulate pioneering excellence in research. 

Objectives for education

SLU has the following objectives for education at Bachelor's and Master's level:

  • The teaching meets rigorous demands in terms of science and teaching as well as the needs of society regarding competence in the fields in which SLU is active.
  • Courses and programmes are attractive and competitive from both a national and an international perspective.
  • The volume of education is greater than in 2009 with a large proportion of students at Master's level.

SLU has the following objectives for doctoral studies:

  • Doctoral students taught at SLU are in demand by dint of their advanced expertise, both nationally and internationally.
  • The scope of the education is dimensioned to provide both research and the labour market with associates trained in research.
  • A a major share of the education is pursued within the framework of national graduate schools in collaboration with the business community, the public sector and international partners.

SLU has the following objective for continuing, further, and contract education:

  • We provide attractive programmes in lifelong learning through academic-level training in SLU sectors.  

Objectives for environmental monitoring and assessment

SLU has the following objectives for environmental monitoring and assessment:

  • There is a strong link between environmental monitoring and assessment and other operational sectors at SLU.
  • Operations take the lead in Europe and contribute actively to the international development of science-based environmental assessment.
  • Assessments are provided for decision-making purposes that allow resource use and environmental impact to be weighed against each other.  

Objectives for the university administration

SLU has the following objectives for the university administration:

  • Core operations are supplied with good levels of service.
  • Costs are minimised for support activities, within agreed-upon service levels.
  • SLU’s exercise of authority is quality-assured and efficient.