Installation ceremony for new professors

Last changed: 02 February 2018

Having been nominated for a professor’s chair at SLU, new professors have the option to be formally installed during a ceremony – the installation of professors. Ceremonies for installation of professors are held twice a year, in March/April at Ultuna and in May alternating years in Umeå or Alnarp.

The ceremony will only be held if there is a certain number of new professors to be installed. The installation is preceded by lectures by the new professors (installandi).


Lectures in connection with the installation ceremony will be held by the new professors during one or two days depending on how many professors should be installed.

Ceremonies for the installation of professors

All new professors are installed by the vice-chancellor of SLU who also is the host at the ceremony in Ultuna. When the ceremony is held in Umeå or Alnarp it is the dean who hosts the ceremony.

After the ceremony there will be a dinner for invited guests.

Frequently asked questions 


The installation of professors is preceded by lectures by installandi. Occasionally, lectures will be held under two days, depending on the number of professors to be installed.

The ceremony for installation of professors?

The ceremony for installation of professors takes place in the evening of the appointed day, at each respective location.

What should I wear?

Installandi are to wear full evening dress. For men, this means tails. With tails you are to wear a white waistcoat and a white bow-tie, black socks and black shoes. For women, evening gown (reaching to the feet). This applies to all taking part in the procession. You may also wear other types of evening dress, but please be sure to consult the master of ceremonies in advance.

Guests not taking part in the procession but attending the dinner party after the ceremony, should wear dark lounge suit, dresses for ladies (length of choice).

Dietary requirements?

You may order another kind of food, if you are a vegetarian, vegan, allergic, or especially sensitive to a certain kind of food. Please let us know. You will find a space on the application form where you can fill in this information.

Non-alcoholic wine?

Non-alcoholic wine will certainly be served to those who may wish it. Table-water will be available to everybody.

Where will I be seated?

At the dinner party you will be seated together with your guests and colleagues from the same department or faculty. Should you have special wishes, please let us know in writing. We would appreciate it if you would use the application form, addressed to the master of ceremonies.

The diploma?

The diploma is a proof of your installation as professor at SLU.


For admission to the ceremony in Loftet, Ultuna, or the main auditorium, Alnarp, advance registration is required. The number of seats is limited.


Ceremony and programme:

Master of Ceremonies Jenny Sälgeback, phone 018-67 10 74

Administration and practical details:

Administrator Carina Lundh, 018-67 11 80

Administrator Susanne Erngren, phone 018-67 18 00

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