Doctoral award ceremony

Last changed: 15 May 2018

Once a year SLU holds its doctoral award ceremony. Normally this is held in the beginning of October. At this ceremony, new doctors as well as honorary doctors and jubilee doctors receive their awards.

New doctors (doctores iuvenes)

Doctors having defended their theses after the last doctoral award ceremony has taken place, will be receiving an inquiry by the end of April/beginning of May about whether or not they wish to take part in the next award ceremony (normally at the beginning of October). To be able to participate in the award ceremony, new doctors should have received their doctor’s degree by 31 August the same year. It is possible to postpone participation in the award ceremony, but no longer than for three years.

Honorary doctors (doctores honoris causa)

At the same time, the degree of doctor honoris causa is conferred by the different faculties upon those who have been awarded an honorary doctorate.

Jubilee doctors (doctores jubilaris)

Also, jubilee doctors will receive their diplomas at this ceremony. A jubilee doctor is an individual who was awarded his or her doctoral degree fifty years ago. He or she is invited back for a celebration and a tribute of gratitude.

The ceremony

The ceremony takes place in the main auditorium, Undervisningshuset, Ultuna.

The banquet

After the doctoral award ceremony, there is a formal dinner at Uppsala Castle.

Frequently asked questions

When does the doctoral award ceremony take place?

In 2018, the ceremony will take place on 6 October. Lectures by doctores honoris causa will be given on 5 October.

Dress code?

Those being awarded a degree are to wear formal, full evening dress. For men, this means tails/white tie. With tails, you wear a white waistcoat and a white bow-tie, black socks and black shoes. For women, evening gown (floor-lengtht. This applies to everyone taking part in the procession. You may also wear other types of evening dress, but please be sure to consult the master of ceremonies in advance.

Those who after the academic ceremony are to attend the banquet at Uppsala Castle are also to wear full evening dress. The dress code for guests not attending the banquet is business casual, for ladies dress (length of your own choice). Children and young people often wear just a white shirt and a tie or a bow-tie, dark trousers and dark shoes (boys) or dresses for young girls (length of choice).

Where can I find clothing for rental?

Look for ”Kläder – Uthyrning” in the telephone directory.

Are children allowed to attend the ceremony?

Small children must be accompanied by an adult (other than the promovend). Nevertheless, it might be a bit awkward for small children to attend a ceremony that lasts approximately 2,5 hours. If they do attend, and they become restless, they must then leave the auditorium. Children attending the banquet will be served the same food as all other guests, the price will be the same, etc. It is entirely up to the parents to judge whether their children may come to enjoy the party. Children and young people are always placed near their parents.

Dietary needs?

You may order another kind of food, if you are a vegetarian, vegan, allergic, or especially sensitive to a certain kind of food. Please let us know. You will find a space on the application form where you can fill in this information.

Non-alcoholic wine?

Non-alcoholic wine will be available. Table-water will be available to everybody.

Where will I be seated?

At the dinner party you will be seated with your guests and colleagues from the same department or faculty. Should you have special wishes regarding your placement, you can leave a message about this in the “message to the degree conferment committee” when making your registration on-line.

Where to get a doctoral hat?

Those of you being awarded a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine, agronomy, forestry or technology, will be needing a doctoral hat during the ceremony. You may borrow one from someone you know or from a colleague of yours or you can buy one. However, it is very important to note that the mark on the hat has to correspond to the doctoral degree which you are to be conferred. In our letter to promovendi you will find the names of several shops where you can order and purchase the doctoral hat. The doctoral hat is hand-made and must therefore be ordered well in advance.

Where to get a crown of laurels?

The crown of laurels is to be used for the conferment of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. All crowns of laurels are ordered by SLU. You will have to state the circumference measure of your head when making your registration on-line. You will be invoiced for the cost of the crown of laurels after the degree conferment ceremony has taken place.

Do I need to get a doctoral ring?

It is not obligatory to wear a doctoral ring. It is entirely up to you whether or not you want to purchase a doctoral ring and wear it. Only doctores honoris causa will receive a ring during the ceremony. If you want to buy a ring you will find the names of shops where you can order it in our letter to promovendi.

The diploma?

The diploma is a proof of the degree conferment. Those who do not participate in the ceremony do not receive a diploma.


The ceremony

For admission to the ceremony in the auditorium, a ticket is required. Tickets are free of charge and are ordered at the same time as you send in your application form. Students and staff/retired staff may, depending on seat availability, order their tickets through the internet. Promovendi are invited with one guest.

The auditorium will be open from 3 pm. Your guests should have taken their seats by 3.15pm. The ceremony lasts approximately 2,5 to 3 hours. During the ceremony, photographs are allowed to be taken by your guests, from their seats.

The banquet

The banquet is held at the Hall of State of the Uppsala Castle. Bookings in advance and tickets are required in order to attend. The number of guests is limited. 


Ceremony, programme and contacts with doctores honoris causa and with jubilee doctors:

Academy Steward Jenny Sälgeback, phone 018-67 10 74

Administration and contacts with promovendi:

Administrator Carina Lundh, phone 018-67 11 80

Administrator Susanne Erngren, phone 018-67 18 00

If you have any questions on practical issues, please contact one of the administrators.

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