Digital Platform Information

Last changed: 02 October 2019

The digital platform for the Quality and Impact 2018 research evaluation can be reached at:

Please note that you need a SLU account to access the platform, and you need to be either a panel review expert or belong to a Unit of Assessment (UoA) in order to access the platform. If you are logging in from a site outside of SLU, you need to establish a VPN connection – please follow the instructions in the ‘Instructions’ tab below. If you know that you should have access, but cannot log in, please contact

The ‘Evaluation How To’ tab contains the information Panel Expert Reviewers need to perform the evaluation, including instructions how to use the digital platform, terms of reference for expert reviewers and an explanation of what ‘Capacity for Collaboration with Society’ means in the evaluation etc.

The ‘Practicalities’ tab contains useful information about the stay during the evaluation week 29 May until 1 June, including schedules for the interviews and an overview of panel scientific areas and UoAs, together with a link to information about Uppsala.

The ‘Background documents’ tab contains documents with useful information about SLU and the Swedish research system.

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