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Quality and Impact – KoN2018

The SLU Board has decided to evaluate the quality and impact of our research. The purpose of the evaluation is to get a picture of how SLU’s research compares internationally, and to identify actions that may further increase its quality and impact. The evaluation will take place during spring 2018, and the results will be presented in a report in autumn 2018.


Deadline for submitting the Self-Assessments is 28 February

The Digital Platform for entering the KoN2018 self-assessments has now opened. The platform will be open from 15 January until 28 February. The UoA Coordinators will have the authorization to enter text into the self-assessment. Both Coordinators and UoA members will be able to access all data, and also see what is entered into the self-assessment for their UoA.

The platform is available on

The KoN2018 digital platform can be accessed through the following web browsers:

  • PC: Internet Explorer
  • Mac: Google Chrome

The Digital platform Users guide  will guide you through the form. For users of Mac computers, there are some special features which we kindly ask you to check through in the “Mac_user_guide” file before entering the Digital Platform.

If you have any technical problems with the site, please contact IT-support on connection 6600 or

For questions regarding the self-assessment form or data presented – please contact

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