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Quality and Impact – KoN2018

The SLU Board has decided to evaluate the quality and impact of our research. The purpose of the evaluation is to get a picture of how SLU’s research compares internationally, and to identify actions that may further increase its quality and impact. The evaluation will take place during spring 2018, and the results will be presented in a report in autumn 2018.


Information 22 November 2017

The time span to validate your publications in SLUpub, has been prolonged by the library until Tuesday 28 November. For more information – click the Bibliometrics button above. All questions about bibliometrics should be sent to the library.


Self-Assessment Template

The self-assessment template is now ready, and is available for download in Word format under ”Self-Assessments”. The digital self-assessment platform will be available from 8 January 2018 until 23 February 2018, and all UoA coordinators will get information with links to the digital platform in time before it’s available. More information and a link to the digital platform will be sent out later.

Under the “Self-Assessments” tab above there will be notes with clarification of some of the terms in the self-assessment template. There you’ll also find the ‘Panel Report Template’ that includes the questions that the expert reviewers in the panels will be asked to answer as a part of their evaluation of the UoA.

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