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Quality and Impact – KoN2018

The SLU Board has decided to evaluate the quality and impact of our research. The purpose of the evaluation is to get a picture of how SLU’s research compares internationally, and to identify actions that may further increase its quality and impact. The evaluation will take place during spring 2018, and the results will be presented in a report in autumn 2018.


Welcome to the Quality and Impact 2018 evaluation!

The Quality and Impact 2018 research evaluation greets all panel experts most welcome to Uppsala during the panel evaluation week 29 May – 1 June! All panel experts have received information about the evaluation, how to access the digital platform and documentation about the process. The same information can be found on the ‘Digital Platform Information’, ‘Panel Expert Reviewers’ and ‘Panel Week’ buttons above.

The Units of Assessments have received information about the schedule for interviews with the panel expert reviewers, and the schedule can also be found under the ‘Panel week 29 May – 1 June’ button.

Should you have any questions you don’t find answers to here, please contact

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