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Important information to employees about the Coronavirus

Published: 30 January 2020

The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs now advises against travelling to the Hubei province.

Since Monday, February 17, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against travelling to the Hubei Province. The Ministry also advises against unnecessary trips to other parts of China, with the exception of Hong Kong and Macao. This recommendation is valid until further notice.

SLU follows the recommendations of the Public Health Agency

SLU sees no need at present to take any precautionary measures other than those recommended by the Public Health Agency for dealing with suspected cases of the Corona virus. We of course follow the situation and will update the information if the recommendations change.

If you feel any symptoms like respiratory illness, fever and cough and have been in areas where the infection may be present, you should contact your health care provider by phone. Also report to the head of your unit.

Please also practice a good hand hygiene, as recommended.

More information about the development of the Corona virus:


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Your health care provider by phone and the head of your unit.

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