You are insured

Last changed: 03 September 2021

As a government employee, you have life insurance through occupational group life Insurance.

Life insurance

As a government employee, you have life insurance through occupational group life insurance. The insurance provides a lump sum payment and a contribution towards funeral expenses to your surviving relatives, such as your spouse/common law spouse and children.

Your life insurance is in effect from the day you begin working at SLU. It also applies during holidays, illness and leave of absence.

The insurance applies for as long as you are employed, but no longer than the age of 65 (67). If you leave your employment before turning 65, your insurance contains a run-off cover which applies:

  • less than 180 days
  • during unemployment ­– maximum of 2 years
  • if you receive full parental benefit ­– maximum of 2 years
  • during illness, for as long as the illness lasts

The insurance does not cover employees who at the beginning of their employment receive more than half of their early retirement pension/sickness compensation or who receive full sickness benefit.

Be sure to remind your immediate family that you have life insurance!

Personal injury insurance

Most government employees are insured against personal injury in connection with work. Work injuries are injuries and illnesses which have occurred through accidents or other work-related injuries. Accidents which occur on the way to and from work may count as well.

If you receive a work injury, please contact your manager. You and your manager must report the work injury.

Report the injury in the IA-system.

If you fall ill because of the injury, you must notify your illness. Försäkringskassan decides if it is a work injury or not. If it is, the same applies as for ‘normal’ illnesses. Just as with normal illnesses, the employer reimburses certain types of healthcare, hospital care, dental care, etc.

As a government employee you may in certain cases be reimbursed through the Compensation for Personal Injury Agreement (PSA). You may be reimbursed for loss of salary, pain and ache, disability and injury. You may also be reimbursed for expenses related to the work injury, e.g. ruined clothing or glasses. Save all receipts!

If you want to apply for reimbursement according to the Compensation for Personal Injury Agreement, you can do so at AFA Trygghetsförsäkring directly through the IA-system.

Traffic accidents to and from work are reimbursed according to the Traffic Damage Act. It is therefore very important that you report any traffic accidents to your own insurance company.

There is also business travel insurance which applies for all domestic and foreign business travel. The insurance covers, among other things, accidents, theft, luggage and legal protection.

Any injury incurred during travel should be reported to Kammarkollegiet.