Last changed: 03 September 2021

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences does not tolerate victimisation. All employees and students at SLU are to be treated equally and respectfully. Our approach should be characterised by tolerance of our differences and differing opinions. Everyone is responsible for working to counteract victimisation.

Victimisation' refers to Actions directed against one or more employees in an abusive manner, which could lead to ill health or their being placed outside the community of the workplace.

For the sake of clarity, it should be mentioned that occasional differences of opinion, conflicts and cooperative problems should normally be viewed as common occurrences. These can be resolved through discussions and respect for the other's right to hold an opinion. However, in a poor, closed working environment, insulting statements and actions can get out of hand and lead to some form of harassment occurring.


It is always the subjective experience of the victim that determines what is and what is not insulting.

Advice to victims

  • Talk about the problem and look for support from your colleagues.
  • Document what has happened, and when, where and how.
  • Contact your line manager and request a private conversation.
  • Accept offers for help processing the events.
  • Get help from your trade union organisation or health and safety representative.

If you have been subjected to victimisation or harassment you should first turn to your manager. If this is not possible for some reason, you can contact a HR-specialist at the HR-unit, your trade union organisation or the safety representative. If you are a doctoral student, you can also approach the PhD student ombudsman.


HR specialists
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