Equal opportunities at SLU

Last changed: 28 October 2019

The Work of Equal opportunities at SLU shall lead to Equal opportunities and rights for employees and students at Work respectively studies. The Work with Equal opportunities shall contribute to fulfil the aims of the Strategy for SLU.

This will be obtained by

  • Equal opportunities prevail regarding the work conditions of the employees, wages, participation and career opportunities.
  • Providing the employees and students with knowledge about the content of the Discrimination Act, about the work of Equal opportunities within the University and to emphasize a zero tolerance for Discrimination, Harrassments and other offensive discrimination.
  • Creating recruitment processes that contributes to a more equal and coequal work- and study environment.
  • Making use of talent, competence and resources
  • Aiming at an equal distribution in terms of gender in different employment categories, including PhD students, and aiming at a more equal distribution of gender within the undergraduate studies.
  • An equal distribution of gender within the governing bodies.
  • Fascilitating employees and students to unite work and studies with parenthood.
  • Providing good access regarding activities, information and premises for employees and students.

SLU:s targeted work with Equal opportunities for employees and students are defined in yearly action plans on a central and faculty level.


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