Discrimination and harassment

Last changed: 05 September 2019

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences does not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment.

The vice-chancellor is ultimately responsible for making sure that the university complies with the Discrimination Act. All managers and supervisors are obligated to make sure that any cases of harassment are investigated and acted upon. It is the responsibility of all staff to maintain a working environment free of any form of discrimination.

If you are the subject of discrimination or harassment, or if you believe someone else is:

  • Contact your immediate superior.
  • Describe what has happened, and take notes of when, where and how.
  • Ask your employer to launch an investigation.
  • The investigation should establish what has happened and what actions are needed.
  • Accept all offers of support.
  • Ask you union or health and safety representative for help.

If you have been the subject of victimisation or harassment, you can contact your immediate superior, the HR specialists, the Legal Affairs Unit or the occupational health services. You can also contact your union or health and safety representative. If you are a doctoral student, you can contact the doctoral student ombudsman.

Read the SLU guidelines on discrimination.


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