New bank for paying salaries

Last changed: 01 March 2023

Starting in May, a new bank will process salary payments at SLU. Salary payments will hereafter be made via Swedbank.
This means you need to register your bank account details by 30 April 2023 – the sooner the better!

What do I need to do?

All staff need to do is log in to Swedbank’s account register using Mobile Bank ID (or using your security device if you are a Swedbank or Sparbank customer).

Swedbank has a summary in English of how to register your bank account: PDF opens in new window.

Visit and click the Swedish ‘Anmäl ditt konto till kontoregistret’.

Registering your account

You will be directed to a page where you need to provide your personal identity number and log in using Bank ID. It is possible to change the language of the page by clicking the flag in the top right-hand corner.

Once you have logged in, you will be able to see any accounts you have already registered. If you want to change or add an account, click ‘change account’ under ‘register account for future deposits’. Make sure you have access to your account number. The existing account will automatically be replaced by the one you have just registered.

Will I notice anything different?

Your salary will be available in your bank account at 00:01 on the payment date. You can access your salary statement on

If you are a Swedbank, Sparbank or Nordea customer, you can access your salary statement via your online banking. Swedbank and Sparbank customers can activate this feature by logging in and selecting ‘övriga tjänster/other services’ ‘E-lönebesked/electronic payment statement’.

NB: If you have not registered your account by the deadline, your salary will be paid using a payment advice. You can cash this online by following the same steps for registering your bank account, and selecting ‘deposit funds from a payment advice’. Alternatively, you can visit your local Sparbank’s website, or go to a Swedbank or Sparbank branch in person.

Who do I contact if I change bank or want to change accounts?

All changes are made online:

I don’t have Mobile BankID – what should I do?

If you do not have any electronic identification with your Swedish personal identity number, you can visit a Swedbank or Sparbank branch and confirm your identity with a traditional form of ID.

I have a foreign bank account – what should I do?

You can only register foreign bank account details by visiting a branch of Swedbank or Sparbank. Complete this form and take it with you.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I miss the deadline for registering my account?

Your salary will be paid using a payment note. You can cash this online via or the local Sparbank website. Alternatively, you can visit a Swedbank or Sparbank branch in person.

Do I still need to do this if I am on sick leave, parental leave or taking a leave of absence?


I receive an hourly wage/am a temporary employee and my salary statement is usually sent in the post. Can I receive my salary statement via Swedbank?

Yes, follow the registration instructions above.

Will I still be able to access my salary statement in Primula?


Can I still receive my salary statement via regular post?

Yes, contact your payroll administrator.

Is this the same account register as the one being used for the electricity support payment?


Contact, Payroll Unit, Division of Human Resources