KSLA, Drottninggatan 95B, Stockholm

Workshop - Low-hanging fruits in eutrophication management of the Baltic Sea?

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Are there still unused cheap nutrient abatement opportunities? Can abatement costs be reduced and sea conditions be improved by changing the policy mix?

This workshop welcomes practitioners from the public and private sector and scientists to discuss ways forward for Swedish eutrophication policy in an international context. The workshop is organized within the framework of three EU-projects: NutriTrade, GO4BALTIC and BALTCOAST.



Time: 2017-02-16 09:30 - 17:00
City: Stockholm
Location: KSLA, Drottninggatan 95B
Organiser: The workshop is organized within the framework of three EU-projects: NutriTrade, GO4BALTIC and BALTCOAST.
Last signup date: 6 February 2017
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 09:30 - 10.00 Registration and coffee

10.00 Welcome and introduction (Katarina Elofsson, SLU)

Session I: Policies for meeting Baltic Sea targets at low cost

10.15 Ing-Marie Gren (SLU): Cost-effective nutrient management in theory

10.45 Markku Ollikainen (Helsinki University) and Antti Iho (LUKE): Cost-efficient mechanisms for the Baltic Sea: ideas and experiences

11.15 Discussion

12.00 Lunch

Session II: Real-world policies – costs, environmental effects and implementation

13.15 Stina Olofsson (Focus on Nutrients/Board of Agriculture): Focus on nutrients - a voluntary work to reduce nutrient load to the Baltic Sea

13.45 Martin H Larsson (Water Authorities Baltic Proper North): Costs and effects of measures planned for eutrophication management related to the Water Framework Directive.

14.15 Discussion.

14.45 Coffee

Session III: The future: How can real policies become cheaper and more environmentally efficient?

15.15 Berit Hasler (Århus University): Cost-effective management of eutrophication in Denmark and model results – are there low hanging fruits left in the future Danish aquatic policy implementation?

15.30 Katarina Elofsson (SLU): Cost-effectiveness of Swedish nutrient abatement policies.

15.45 Discussion.

17.00 Closing of workshop.

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