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Zeynep Pekcan-Hekim

Zeynep Pekcan Hekim


I am a researcher (docent) at SLU Aqua and I am responsible for the Data Collection Framework program for the Institute of Coastal Research. I am the stock assessor for herring in the Gulf of Bothnia (ICES, WGBFAS). My main research interest covers fish stock assessment, data limited stock assessment methods for data poor species and effects of toxins on fish population dynamics. I am also interested in the different steps of the data collection needed to perform an assesment. Theses steps involves sampling design and statictical analyses of the sampeled data



I have compelted my PhD in Aquatic Science at the University of Helsinki in 2007 and earned the title of Associate professor (docent) in Aquatic Sciences in 2014.

Selected publications

Erlandsson, J., Östman, Ö., Florin, AB., Pekcan-Hekim Z. 2017. Spatial structure of body size of European flounder (Platichthys flesus L.) in the Baltic Sea. Fisheries Research, 189: 1-9

Pekcan-Hekim, Z. Gårdmark, A., Karlson A M. L., Kauppila, P., Bergenius, M. and Bergström L. 2016.  The role of climate and fisheries on the temporal changes in the Bothnian Bay foodweb. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 73:1739-1749

Heikinheimo O., Pekcan-Hekim Z., and Raitaniemi J. 2014. Spawning stock-recruitment relationship in pikeperch Sander lucioperca (L.) in the Baltic Sea, with temperature as an environmental effect. Fisheries Research 155:1-9. DOI: 10.1016/j.fishres.2014.02.015

Pekcan-Hekim Z., Urho L., Auvinen H., Heikinheimo O., Lappalainen J., Raitaneimi J., Söderkultalahti P. 2011. Climate warming and pikeperch year-class catches in the Baltic Sea. Ambio 40(5):447-456.  

Researcher at the Department of Aquatic Resources; Population analysis
Telephone: +46104784147
Postal address:
Kustlaboratoriet, Skolgatan 1
74242 Öregrund
Visiting address: Skolgatan 6 Öregrund, Öregrund